Alex Rodriguez in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Photo by Megan Ellis on Unsplash

Stop right there!


That said, being objective, he’s one of the best all-around baseball players I’ve ever seen when he was still a shortstop. Not so much as a third baseman. He played out of position once he moved to the Yankees due to his age as well as Jeter being at Shortstop. Not nearly as effective a defender but above average.

I also have MAJOR ISSUES with the BBWAA. THEY’RE TERRIBLE!!! A bunch of non-athletes that never played the game deciding who gets to stand on hallowed ground. What in the hell kind of sense does that make? Yet, here we are again with an impending decision on whether a cheater, Alex Rodriguez, gets into the Hall of Fame or not.

Will Rodriguez experience the same fate as Clemens and Bonds?

One can only hope. Again, you cheat the game every accomplishment you had goes down the toilet. You no longer exist. Only in the record books. Pete Rose I’m still on the fence about. He didn’t take PEDS and never bet against his own team. Very different circumstances than a bunch of clowns that purposely broke the rules. Yes. Pudge Rodriguez is in. Yes. Ortiz is in also. Neither should be and I happen to believe Pudge Rodriguez to be the best all-around catcher to ever play the game. An even better defender than the Molina brothers but he can actually hit. Never had to take a PED to make the HOF. That makes it an even worse offense.

The same can be said for A-Rod. What in the hell was he thinking? Mr. know it all just couldn’t stand not being in the conversation. His megalomaniac ego wouldn’t allow it. So he decided to cheat with the other losers. I can’t stand it. The other thing that really bothers me is those that have never played the game. They’re okay with it because boy oh boy look at all those warning track outs that turned into home runs. I’d rather dig in my nose in search of a supersized booger than watch that crap!

Are you freaking kidding me? How is that legitimate baseball? Seeing someone cheat is entertaining? Help me understand. I’m completely lost here.

“Well, Gaylord Perry threw spit balls and scuffed the ball!”

So did I!!! Every pitcher does. It’s “gamesmanship”! There’s a difference. The reality is it gives you no edge. Zero. PEDS do! You recover so fast from injury it’s ungodly and un-human versus a player with the same injury still on the DL two weeks after you recovered. You also gain 7 to 15 feet in distance on fly balls. That tilts the game in your favor against an equally or lesser talented player not on the juice. HUGE difference!

The fact that this is even an argument to be had is repulsive. Fans do not understand the game. They do not understand the nuances that go along with it nor the work necessary to play at a high level. So cheating doesn’t matter to most fans of the game. But it’s not just the fans. It’s the fraudulent and corrupt commissioners, like Bud Selig, that keep appeasing owners that are greedy, selfish and care only about lining their pockets. Integrity of the game be damned. You wanna crown A-Rod? Go right ahead. The same for Ortiz, Pudge and anyone else that played the game outside the rules. Have at it.



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