Breaking the Cycle of Nothingness

Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

Nothingness. It is a term to describe space in your life that has no definition nor purpose. It is empty and unfulfilling. It is easy to get caught up in nothingness. When we do we have to recognize that moment and immediately walk away from it. Reject it. There is no time to waste. Nothingness can not only be how we spend our time but whom we spend out time with. Does that person enhance our experience of life by bringing positive energy or do they contribute nothing to the spirit other than their own misery?

Nothingness can take on many forms. Are you happy on the square you stand on or do you feel stifled and unfulfilled? If it’s the latter then you are in the midst of nothingness. Change is the only way to move forward. The objective of a healthy soul is to be filled. Filled with positive energy. Filled with moments that bring us joy. Being the joy and positive energy that fills others. When we engage in negativity, ill will, anger or frustration we lose frequency and our connection to all things becomes weaker. When this takes place the soul can become lost. Another dim star among many that can barely be seen due to the low energy we emit in those moments in our lives. The Source cannot reach us in the most optimal way. We lose.

Conversely, when we are engaged in positivity we shine brightly. Our frequency increases and we vibrate throughout the universes easily seen and easy to connect to. Our Source sees us in our authentic form of existence. That being vibration energy. High frequency energy. When this takes place our gifts become enhanced. We become like the Source itself through our connection to every soul. Our connection to the greatest love of all. It is the square we should all aspire to stand on through eternity. Always remember what you are. You are spirit energy. Not the shells we live in called bodies. The frequency of our vibration affects all things in our lives. It affects all successes, dreams and the things we aspire to become. When we allow the nothingness of this world to affect us we lose our effectiveness in spirit. We become greatly diminished.

Break any cycles of nothingness. Remove any association with nothingness from your life. Protect your spirit energy and frequency at all costs.

Remember, everything ripples to the Source of all things in all times in all places.



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