Memories Happen at Once

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Indeed, memories never die. They remain very much alive in spirit. I’ve done a lot of studying and thinking about all I have learned since being awakened. We all have or you wouldn’t be reading this. There is one resounding theme that carries on the other side. That theme being that everything happens at once. When I first heard this it was mind bending. How could this be possible? I would think to myself. How can the past, present and future all happen at once?

Over time it became clear. Clear in my own experience even having never left this realm. To me a memory is a living entity. Every occurrence from birth to death filed in our spirit for future recall. So we can live it again. Our physical bodies don’t recognize this part of us because we are taught to hold on to earthly anchors that do not matter and obscure our spiritual view. Most humans see all things from a three dimensional perspective. They do not understand the soul or spirit in the same context as those of us that are awakened. There is no sin in that. Some people take longer to ascend than others. They will need to ascend higher to reach the fourth and fifth dimensions. The place where the spirit is free to roam. Over time hopefully they will receive the gift.

So what happens when I recall a memory? That moment is now and it is vivid and real. That is the difference. You walk through it again as if it were the first time ever. You get the same feelings. The same experience. The more closely connected to that memory the more intensity is felt from the moment. Your spirit remembers. Even small things I learned in High School I can now remember vividly and see the moment again in the now. These experiences I consider as gift. I have never encountered them before being awakened. They are very real reminders of who I am and how powerful we all are in spirit.

“What does living in the spirit mean?”

It means that we have ascended and dropped our worldly three dimensional anchors. We have successfully left them behind. When this happens your vibration rises and the spirit ascends closer to The Source of all things, at all times, in all places at once. The spirit is the greatest version of yourself. We are spirit not humans. The human form is taken on only for the purpose of growth and learning. It is not who we are. When we live in spirit our knowing is greater, our intuition is greater, we attract the things we desire faster than in the three dimensional world we are temporarily bound to. We are now able to observe our lives and influence it from outside of this three dimensional realm.

This is why each day of our existence, to the best of our ability, we must continue to grow in love, empathy and compassion for all life and not just humans. Living in spirit is to know we are all connected to all that is, ever was and ever will be. With that comes a great deal of responsibility because everything ripples. Every thought, every intent, every word reverberates and extends beyond the now. So far beyond that we cannot process the concept in human form. Each of us on earth that are awakened represent more than just ourselves and our own spirit. We are part of a larger plan that does not work properly without our participation. Every soul on earth has a mission and a reason for being here. Over time you may be able to unlock bits and pieces of your purpose and meaning in this life. Not just for yourself but by understanding the influence we all have over others. Even when we had no idea how much someone may be watching us and learning from our words and actions.

Lastly, living in the spirit brings a clarity this world cannot give you. A deeper knowing can be experienced and even magnified over time. Once you learn to live in the spirit you become more accountable to The Source. You have a responsibility not to screw up the plan. There is no happenstance. All possibilities in our lives have been accounted for by The Source. The Source never sleeps, never misses, never out of sync, never makes mistakes and is always present as a part of us. Take solace in this fact. There is nothing to fear. Just a reminder that we are small in the overall scheme of things but powerful in that we too are part of The Source and while in spirit inherit pieces of that power to apply to our lives. Each of us is greater because we are able to receive those higher doses of love from our Source.

Remember, everything ripples. Be well.



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