Memory and the 4th Dimension

Photo by Ashley Jurius on Unsplash

If you’re like me you’ve spent a lot of time rethinking what the mind is. What role does it play in the vastly larger than life existence we are all a part of. Typically, we think of the mind as something we personally own. But once we become connected to all things and even the source itself we become more than just ourselves. Indeed, we are all a part of a much larger collective of everything. The result being that we too become wiser, enhanced and gifted with abilities that leave us puzzled, intrigued and amazed all at once. These out of the ordinary moments that we cannot explain to ourselves.

You become like the spirit you are from. Your authentic self but much greater in your knowing with Love being the ongoing theme of the Source itself. A steady and consistent beacon of love, forgiveness and empathy. Easily overlooked if one is not awakened. A person who’s spirit is asleep will not understand that love in the same context. If you’re in tune you have learned to recognize those moments not as happenstance but as part of your existence on a higher plane. While we are not God we are indeed God like and that gift in and of itself is extremely powerful. By understanding the depth of the Sources love for us we then begin to understand the expectations of how we are to love each other.

They teach us that we live in a three dimensional world. Physicists suggest there are eleven dimensions. What if there’s a way to connect with the fourth dimension? The fourth dimension is defined as time and space. Your memory is the perfect representation of both. In fact, when we remember something we go back to a particular space and time. In fact, our memory is the only place we can go backwards or forward in time without assistance from a device. The living room under the Christmas tree when you were five. The backyard hunting for Easter eggs or whatever the occasion. All of those scenarios still exist. They do not go away and can be recalled at your whim. They exist in your spirit not in your mind. That’s why they feel so good when you remember them. The soul feels. Your spirit feels. The body is just a shell. It is not who we are.

The more important part is to understand your soul, the authentic you, is not confined to this earthly experience. The soul, your soul, is capable of operating at much higher vibration than we typically experience in our journey. By seeing the memory and mind as the on-ramp to the fourth dimension you gain in knowing significantly. Time and space are not linear in this place. Answers come by knowing not feeling or thinking. Knowing. Eventually you will learn to recognize this space and how to move in and out of it. You now live your life with an enhanced understanding and knowing you never knew existed.

The fourth dimension allows information to move at a much faster pace. Your understanding is enhanced greatly. You feel more deeply. Your judgement and perception are sharpened beyond your normal. Time and space become one. You understand all things as everything. Information will download into your spirit beyond your understanding here. There is a greater connection to the Source here.

What I speak of is from my own experiences. Recent experiences I can only classify as out of the ordinary. Mind blowing if you will. Things I cannot explain. By the timing of events you can clearly see they are orchestrated by something greater than yourself. We aren’t that smart. Another benefit of being able to move in and out of the fourth dimension is your ability to be a spectator of self. You get to both live and view your own life in real-time. Your instincts become more keen. It is a higher level of existence. An involuntary transformation.

The one gift we all will receive in our spiritual journey is change. You cannot progress without it. Everything ripples.



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