Mixed Feelings about the James Webb Telescope

Photo by Yang Shuo on Unsplash

The part of me that loves astrophysics is insanely curious. The part of me that has to know is excited and impatient. But the humanitarian in me screams loudly this makes no sense. $10 billion dollars so we can discover “God”. So we can see the alleged beginning of time?


When will man realize the Source is infinitely larger than us? So much so there is no way to perceive or even conceptualize it. The Source cannot be defined nor confined to a telescope. A telescope cannot capture infinity or the magnificence therein. A telescope cannot translate 11th dimension thinking and disassemble it enough for mankind to understand. Man struggles once we go beyond the fifth dimension to grasp the concepts and theory in higher dimensions and realms. The theory and concepts are complex and require additional study.

I’ve struggled with space travel since forever. The astronomical costs involved to get us there is prohibitive. Conversely, I can immediately see the impact of those same dollars to the poor and disenfranchised. To me space has to take a back seat to those immediate and ongoing needs. Space travel is a luxury we’ve never been able to afford. It is a mere toy for politicians to brag about sans the usefulness of satellites and tangible technology we actually benefit from. However, the mission continues like it or not.

I have no doubt that once the mirrors are focused in April we all will witness the most amazing and consequential pictures of space ever. For a small fee.



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