Multiple Instances of Existence

Photo by Mingwei Lim on Unsplash

Since my awakening I experience life from a much more enhanced perspective. Everything is more keen and my senses far more heightened than at any other time in my life. One thing in particular I have spoken about is my feelings towards animals, especially dogs. I’ve never been a dog lover in spite of loving my own dog until she passed a few years ago. But now I have this uncontrollable affection towards them. An overwhelming joy each time I see a doggie. Yet another phenomenon that I cannot explain.

This feeling is so intense I am literally in the moment at the same time I am watching it. Pulled into it involuntarily but happy to be there. That’s a terrible explanation of what I feel but my truth nonetheless. I can feel that animal. I can hear it breathing and know we are connected both inside and outside of that moment. It’s like splitting time while occupying the same place in two spaces past and present. A small example of how all things happen at once. When our spirit knows it knows instantly with no hesitation nor doubt. Our human minds do not operate in this manner and take what feels like light years to both process and come to the same conclusion.

Imagine experiencing that each time you see a video of a dog. That’s what it feels like. An out of the ordinary ordinary experience you have no control over. There is nothing to be frightened of. Nothing to fear. It’s just my senses working at a higher level than the physical body is used to. Over time I’ve adjusted to it but it felt really weird for the first few weeks.

The fourth and fifth dimensions are where we begin to experience our authentic selves in spirit. Our abilities transform in this space. We become greater for those of us that can reach and stay connected to our higher selves in this space. To be in these dimensions means we have grown spiritually and ascended closer to our Source. In return we become more like our Source in our own abilities and gifts. This is why the goal is to increase your vibration each day. By doing so I become a better version of myself. A more complete spirit capable of taking on higher vibration and ascending further while gaining even more understanding. There is no ceiling to how much we are loved. We just need to be vibrating high enough to receive larger doses.

Everything ripples.



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