Raise Your Vibration to Ascend

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Each day we get the opportunity to grow in spirit. Raise our vibration and ascend closer to the Source of all things and the greatest love one can experience. Many of us spent decades not understanding our own being in spirit. Unwittingly denying ourselves the opportunity to experience love at a much higher level that transcends what most of us humans know to be normal. Experiencing love in spirit is an entirely different and much more rich experience. It is a deeper feeling of love due to your own knowing. This is possible because we have peeled off layers of this earthly filth. Grudges, anger, bitterness, hatred, selfishness and greed all serve to lower our vibration in varying ways. They are weights on the soul that must be discarded.

The Source cannot reach us when we are covered in filth and our vibration is low. We cannot experience the full extent of that love without setting out to cleanse our soul. When we are lighter we ascend. We become closer to the source and our vibration increases significantly. You are lighter. No longer weighed down by worry and things the Source is already keenly aware of. Our job is to trust. Our job is to know we are taken care of at all times. The best way to know this is in spirit. There’s a difference between knowing it in your mind and knowing in your spirit. The spirit is unquestioned. It is an immediate knowing. The mind is slower and it can take time to process and come to the correct conclusion.

When you understand in spirit it is the same as if you are in that realm. Everything happens at once. An instant knowing. There is no doubt. There is no second guessing. There is an immediate understanding and knowing that the answer is correct. These experiences can become your normal. They will be easier to recognize. The more you raise your vibration the more keen your senses become. Your intuition works at a higher level than what you’re used to. You will be able to know before things take place. Small things like not looking at your phone but knowing who’s calling. It’s not happenstance. It’s connection at a higher level with those you love and the Source itself. Each of us as magnificent as the Source we come from. We are all, each of us, a small part of that greater love connected to the Source in all places at all times at once.

Yes! You can experience other worldly experiences right here on earth simply by raising your vibration. Let go of all negative energy that lives in your life. Then, leave your anchors behind and trust.

Everything ripples.



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Curtis Mayfield III

Curtis Mayfield III

I love to write. I am a huge fan of astrophysics, spirituality, sports and many other things.