Spiritual Favor

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What exactly is “spiritual Favor” you might ask? It is a space we all have access to when we give up everything. That sacrifice is not unseen. The smallest thought of empathy moves across the universe to another soul and then to the Source itself. You are that powerful. Love is that powerful. When you live in this space. This spiritual space you will attract others. You won’t have to call them. You won’t have to solicit anything. They will find you because of your light and vibration. You will be blessed just because. Now you know why. These things are not imagined. They are the rewards of being loved much more deeply than you understand.

Spiritual Favor is the answer to every good thing that happens you knew nothing about nor were expecting. Kinda like Gods bonus prizes for lack of a better analogy. Small things to let you know He’s paying attention. We like to blow them off as happenstance. But when you look back on some of the most mundane events in your life. Some of what you believed may have been your most insignificant feelings or thoughts about something. Were those moments overlooked messages if we pay closer attention to them? Messages meant to keep us on our path? You will learn to see them more clearly as you gain more knowledge experience in higher spiritual vibrations. Eventually you will simply know in those moments. You will have a deeper understanding of spirit and connection.

Every action in our lives should be with the intent of intensifying our vibration and shining brighter. Not in a manufactured way but in the natural rhythm of our lives. There is no time limit. Just get there.

Everything ripples.



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Curtis Mayfield III

Curtis Mayfield III

I love to write. I am a huge fan of astrophysics, spirituality, sports and many other things.