The Great Deception

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

What if everything you ever learned was a lie? What if everything you ever saw or heard was tainted? What if I told you most humans are asleep? What if I told you humans fail when it comes to critical thinking? What if I told you to question everything?

I can remember posting on my FB page “Question everything…” I wrote that post almost six years ago before I truly awakened. Again, another sign my eyes were beginning to open even if I didn’t completely understand it at the time. Each day our society asks the same question “What’s happening to us? It’s like the world has been filled with evil and madness.” Perhaps some of your friends have posed the question to you for discussion. You trade ideas back and forth trying to figure out why humanity has so many problems but neither of you can determine any particular reason.

“Everybody is mad about something. Damn!”

Sadly, there’s a great deal of truth in that statement. An undeniable truth. Everyone is mad about something or so it seems. Humans are programmed not to think deeply nor independently. We are taught to go along with the crowd. Follow the norms and get along within a system built for us to fail. What we do not know is how powerful we are. The worlds system is assembled to keep you on the treadmill. Constantly pouring yourself into the nothingness of your job while the wealthy get rich and you get nothing but old. That’s why no one ever tells you about the power of you.

Well, today is your lucky day. I will reveal the power of you. The power of many souls that are connected. Because we are all connected.

There is a reason those in power do not teach this in schools. There is a reason why those in power do not want the power of you taught in churches. They know and understand the power of the soul is the most powerful force in the universe and if humans were ever awakened to it they could no longer be controlled. They would lose their power over us as we would unite as one for the greater good. There would be no more hunger. There would be no more pandemics. There would be no more wars. There would be no more man made suffering. Instead, they keep us as adversaries. Black, white, yellow and brown. Jew, Christian, Atheist, Mormon, Muslim and so on. All steeped in nothingness. Man made nothingness that has no value unless we assign value to it ourselves. Therein lies the key. Why do we assign meaningless anchors to our lives? Because that’s what humans do. We follow along the path of others. The tried and true path. It’s easy. Even if that path leads to nowhere and being miserable, lonely and unfulfilled. We have all been deceived and lied to by this world. Very few of us are able to recognize that deception and recalibrate our journey. Our journey to the Truth, the Light and the Source itself.

Many of us ask the same questions. Questions that come from our lack of knowledge and understanding.

“Who am I and why am I here?”

“What is my purpose in this life?”

The day you breath your first breath in this place we call earth you are born into an ongoing spiritual war. A war most humans know very little of. Yet, we get clues all the time. We have Bibles that clearly tell us about this ongoing war. But we fail to make the connection and thus cannot see as we continue our journey blind and vulnerable. But that doesn’t stop your enemy from closing in on you. As we get older we begin to see our education as the gateway to our dreams. A means to get all that we desire. All while not realizing that all we desire is filled with nothingness. Does this mean we should never attend school? Of course not but we shouldn’t covet anything in this place either. Eventually you gain everything you aspired to achieve and are still empty. A chasm in your soul you cannot fill and you wonder why. I have everything but nothing all at once. Imagine what life would be if we were all awakened. Can you imagine what joy we would experience if we all realized we are connected to a greater love and enhanced by our connection to that love? Evil could no longer penetrate and infiltrate souls. It would have to submit. There would be no host for it. The earth would become inhospitable to evil.

Now do you begin to see the picture?

It becomes clear. The power is in the love of all things and all souls. Not just your family but the value of each human, animal, tree and even the blades of grass. Our light would envelope this world and darkness would be incapable of penetrating it. Your spirit would be filled and your knowing extended beyond anything you ever experienced on earth. Love would fill you to overflowing. That is how powerful we are but it also demonstrates how miserably the human race has failed to understand its higher power in spirit.

We are all spirit energy capable of existing at a much higher vibration than we do in our day to day lives. So much so that we can connect even when we are not in the physical presence of one another. So much so that we have the power and ability to heal others. Sound familiar? Some dude used to walk the earth doing exactly that. He told you the Truth. He gave us clues to lead us to the Truth and our Source. We have failed miserably to put the pieces together to receive that greater understanding of all things in all places at all times.

It’s easy to hold on to this world. It’s easy to hold on to its norms and go along with the program. You get to keep your things and the false feeling of achievement. All while you are losing everything that matters, your soul.

Your enemy is a formidable opponent. Don’t be deceived. Give up everything. Leave your anchors behind and follow the path to the Truth, the Light and the Source of all things and all souls.

Solve your puzzle.



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