What Are You Thinking?

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Every thought we have matters. Each of us, knowingly or not, affects the larger plan. We are by no means an island unto ourselves. We are all connected in all places at all times at once. Understanding this we should be mindful of what we put into the universe. That includes our thoughts and our intent. The real you you cannot hide from. Being of sound mind means being of sound thoughts. Positive thoughts that uplift instead of destroying others. It is a change that is unnatural for most humans. It is not the way we are taught to live.

When you become awakened the greater good is always at the forefront of your thoughts. The entirety of humanity suddenly becomes a large part of your focus. You have a clear understanding of why mankind is failing so miserably. Yes, like many others, you feel compelled to act. Do something to help change our course. A noble thought indeed. For the awakened sometimes our newly enhanced feelings of empathy and compassion can be overwhelming. We feel at a much deeper level now. Seeing others in need has much more meaning in your life than at any other time. You emit a greater vibration and recognize energy in a much different way as your senses are more keen in spirit.

More importantly you have realized the power of your thoughts and how they influence our lives and the lives of others. Our Source knows us intimately. Knows our desires and understands our intent. Negative thoughts pollute the universe and diminish your existence. They lower your vibration. Our objective each moment of our lives is to raise our vibration and cleanse any negativity from our spirit as best as we can in these human shells. When we do the Source is pleased. A stronger connection is formed that we benefit greatly from.

That said, thoughts are powerful. Not just for the host but the entirety of the universe. We are all connected. Positive thoughts raise vibration. Imagine an entire globe buzzing with good while bathing in positive thought vibrations. The humans caring for each other. Genuine empathy and compassion. Sounds like a fairy tale. That’s the sad part.

Everything ripples.



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Curtis Mayfield III

Curtis Mayfield III

I love to write. I am a huge fan of astrophysics, spirituality, sports and many other things.