Spirituality and Religion can Co-Exist

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For most of us going to church is a part of our formative years. For better or worse it is an exercise worth undertaking. Even if you decide it isn’t for you later in life you can at least understand where everyone around you is coming from. Pick a religion:



Perhaps Mennonite is a better fit? No?

In the larger scope of things there is nothing wrong with religion in and of itself. These teachings give us a fairly decent base with varying restrictions depending on the path you choose. If you really want to boil it down even further they all generally espouse the same things. Treat each other with kindness. Be good to those less fortunate than yourself and respect your elders. In a nutshell of course.

The problem I ran into, along with many others, is that there is more. Much much more than any religion can give us. The church cannot will not and does not associate the spirit and higher dimension with God in a meaningful way that can help tie the two together in-depth. Being fair, I’m not so sure that’s their job. Spirituality also requires some basic Quantum Physics. Not so sure I can just dump that on the pulpit. The result being that many churches poo poo spirituality as insignificant. Spirituality kinda doesn’t count. That said, they cannot give what they do not have nor understand. Religion is only the beginning of understanding God and Spirituality. It gives us some basics.

Religion and spirituality should not be adversaries. As you gain experience in spirit and as you cleanse your own soul everything will become clear. You will understand how the pieces work and why. You will know the Source is everything and connected to everyone in all places at all times at once. We are all a small part of everything. No church teaches this concept nor can they break down how this is possible. Only you, the participant, can piece together your own puzzle. Once you lock in the final piece you will understand “God” much more deeply in addition to what you learned through religion. You will understand who you are and where you are from. You will understand what is expected of you while you are here on earth. You will also understand why.

You, like many others, will have the answer to everything. A gift from the Source itself. There is a greater love waiting for each of us in spirit. Be good to others because you can and not because you have to.

Remember, everything ripples.



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Curtis Mayfield III

Curtis Mayfield III

I love to write. I am a huge fan of astrophysics, spirituality, sports and many other things.