What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Curtis Mayfield III
3 min readApr 25, 2022
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Love. It is the most powerful force in the universe. I didn’t understand this immutable fact until I was fifty years of age. My hope is that no one else on this planet ever takes that long to discover the true meaning of love.

When we are born into this world we are much like seeds. Roots need to be established so we can continue to grow and discover new things and understand them. We ultimately become producers ourselves. From day one every child is told how cherished they are. How much they are loved by their families. This is particularly true of parents. What parent doesn’t love their child? Extenuating circumstances notwithstanding a child that is loved and nurtured has everything it needs. While on the surface that may sound all encompassing it is not. Most of us are taught that love is a feeling or emotion towards someone or something. Both of those things can be true at once but the premise fails to describe the ability of love in detail.

Love is the ultimate gift from the Source. But love is also a tool.

Have you ever heard love described in such a manner? Neither have I. But that is now how I perceive love. It is more than an emotion or feeling. It is a powerful tool given to each creature we can all use to our benefit. But it’s not just about you. Every awakened soul has the ability to connect to each other and tap into that network of love. Each connection creates greater power through the Source which it is spawned from. You can wield that love and power like a wand. Point it towards an issue in prayer and get the result you asked in spirit and in your life. Yes. Love is that powerful when partnered with prayer.

Love can also heal when partnered with prayer. There are several examples of this past and present in the religious books and real world stories. Love and prayer are extremely powerful. The rest is up to your faith and knowing. Without faith nothing can be acted upon in spirit. The awakened have a deep knowing. Not a belief but a knowing. There is a difference. There is no doubt the Source sees, hears, understands and responds to each and every prayer from every soul while never losing track. The Source never drops out of sync.

Almost every deity known to man talks about love in a significant way. Each account, past or present, describing a person or several persons that exhibited unshakeable belief while knowing the impossible was possible. Even while others doubted. The scenarios can be as simple as a couple wanting child to someone thought to be dead being revived. Love, prayer and faith can transcend your circumstances.

Each of us, with great faith, prayer, love and knowing is capable of being “the miracle”.

Everything ripples.



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