Words are Powerful

Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Each day in this new walk I learn more about my own existence. I gain a deeper understanding of who I am. Part of that knowing is realizing the power of your energy on other beings of light. The words you speak can influence for a lifetime. Words can build or destroy others without your knowing. They are powerful not meaningless. The sticks and stones analogy couldn’t be further from the truth. Words, especially from those you love, are powerful. Use them wisely.

I can remember small conversations over the years with friends and even strangers that still influence my decision making to this day. I can remember words of encouragement when I was on the edge of giving up on a task that pushed me to success. I’ll always have those moments as anchors if needed. Every human being has access to those moments. Our minds and souls are smart enough to both recognize and then organically catalog things that are profound for future reference. God made us so incredibly perfect we don’t even have to turn this ability on. It is intrinsic to our existence as humans. Pretty cool.

Everything that passes through our ears and eyes evokes a visceral reaction from the body. Words trigger a physical reaction we all need to be mindful of. You can make someone sick, happy, angry, bitter, sad or indifferent with your words. We can all recall the feeling of losing someone. The way our body reacts to that scenario. The same for good news and how we feel in those moments too. Everything has a cause and effect. Even our words.

But we’re not done yet. Not only can we build or destroy others but we also must remember that our voice does not end with the person we are speaking to. Everything effects everything. You speak life and love into someones spirit and they are more inclined to domino that feeling to others. The same in reverse. Ripples start with a single instance. Each of us has the ability to start our conversations with good energy, intent, purpose and love.

None of us is a light switch. Each step in our journey requires self correction, focus, intent and purpose until it becomes part of your being. The objective being that we continue becoming and living the best life in spirit as is humanly possible. Raise your vibration. That should be our daily goal. Learn to love at a higher level than we did the day before.

Everything ripples.



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